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Welcome to our Teams page!

On the left hand navigation bar, you can locate your team.

A calendar specific to your team is located on each team page, and news for your team will be there too. We plan to add the rosters and record for each team, as well as coach photos and bios.

Player Photos too!

Registering for Strength Training



Registering for Strength Training

To Log in the first time on the site follow the below steps:


Go to


on the home page click the link "Book Your Class or Set Up Your Account" on the right side of the page.

On the booking page click the South Sound Volleyball Class you want


Enter first and last name

Then click on This is me!

Finish filling out your profile and create a password

Then you are ready to register for the classes


There is a waiting list of 5 so if someone drops out you will be notified to fill the space.


If they are not registered and the class is capped out, WE WILL NOT ALLOW THEM TO PARTICIPATE. 

Bus Information to Excel Sports Academy

From Evergreen:  Bus 16

From Drum:  Bus 23

From Narrows View:  Bus 22


From Curtis Jr. High and High School:  16